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Protests in Greece provoked a rising demand for gold

Protests in Greece provoked a rising demand for gold

Greece is being the subject of the latest news worldwide and it is no surprise because the country is not going through the best time in its history. One of the latests ones concerns gold mining activities that are taking place in the northern Greece, administered by the Canadian company Eldorado Gold.


Recently the Greek government has decided to reconsider the license of the company: the Greek authorities claim that mining harms the environment, although, there is no official confirmation of this fact. Additionally, mass media points to the fact that Eldorado Gold has already passed the ecological test.


At present, about 2,000 people are working at the mines, and it is planned to attract about 1,000 people more before 2020. This initiative of the government has led to protests in which about 4,000 people participate (miners and other workers), gathering in Athens and waving flags with the slogan “Yes to mines, yes to growth”. The protests occurred in spite of government's promise that workers will keep their job.



It worth mentioning that the company Eldorado Gold has invested into this gold deposit about 400 millions of dollars since 2012, as the company is aware that the demand for gold is growing and it will keep growing in the future, and this country could provide supplies from its mines. That is why in their plans it was included to invest 700 millions more to build a processing plant which will serve 2 neighboring gold deposits.


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