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What can be expected of gold prices in May, 2015?

What can be expected of gold prices in May, 2015?

Last month’s statistics show that European gold investors lost 4.2% of their investments. But, what can they expect of the investments during May? Will the price of gold in euro grow this month?

In 2010, the yellow metal showed positive dynamics during May and brought investors high returns. This year the situation has strong potential to repeat itself. As soon as the new gold fixing system was launched, the information became more transparent and gold prices became more stable before a sharp increase. However, April showed the most negative data since this new system came into force, and investors suffered losses of 4.2%.

Nevertheless, the profitability of gold this year remains at the level of 6%.


It is worth looking back and remember how the situation has been changing during the last years. The movements of gold prices during the months of May have encouraged investors not to regret about their prior investments as the statistics show the following results:


Best trend in May since 1970:

1972: +19.3 %

1973: + 23.64 %

1978: +8.47 %

1979: +12.59 %

2010: +10.96 %

Worst trends in May since 1970:

1974: -5.37%

1982: -10.68 %

1985: -3.47%

1998: -6.15 %

1999: -4.92%

In general it can be seen that the average of gold prices in May had a growing trend and the future dynamics of growth was more noticeable than the indicators of fall in value.

In more than 55% of cases, the price of gold in May grew. Therefore, investors who are aware of these facts in advance see no risk in investing their capital when there is such an opportunity to receive returns.


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